DSCN0834The Big Challenge is an English contest for the class levels 5-9. This year, it took place on 12th May. In the test there were multiple-choice-questions about English grammar, spelling and applied geography. The Big Challenge is a good chance to test yourself, because you don't have mark stress. It's also great fun and not too difficult. 

There is nothing negative to say about the Big Challenge, so if you are interested about it, try it next year!

(Liam Spitz, 6a)

For more information visit www.thebigchallenge.com/de

The results of the Big Challenge 2015

In total 242 children from our school took part in the Big Challenge. About 160 000 children in Germany participated, 11 000 from Hessen. The most impressive result came from the sixth grade, where Liam Spitz was first in Hessen and ninth in Germany. Another good result came from the seventh graders where the top four students were in the top 30 in Hessen.

In grade five the top three were Alexander Nguyen (5e), Mareen Krügel (5b), and Rebecca Clemann (5b).

In grade six, as mentioned, Liam Spitz (6a) in first place, me (Oscar Schuller 6a) in second place and Woojin Choi (6a) close behind tying for third place with Kaya Jeschke (6b). Eight of the top ten are from my class.

In the seventh grade nine of the top ten were from the class 7b: Monika Karjina (first), Tineke Heidebrecht (second), Naseem Negrassus and Moritz Wortmann (equal third). They are all from the 7b.

In the eighth grade, three different classes were in the top 3: Palina Karniychuk (8f), Hannah Choi (8c) and Jasper Menkens (8b).

Again a great class result came from 9c with the top students: Patrick Fender, Marc Wojtko and Jonas Wong.

Congratulations to all of the above students and I look forward to the next Big Challenge in 2016.

(Oscar Schuller, 6a)