2013 ETW 1On 11th and 15th May 2013 the English Theatre Workshop 5/6 visited the English Theater Frankfurt. This was possible because of the TUSCH (Theater und Schule) cooperation with the English Theater Frankfurt. Lea Dunbar, who is an actor at the English Theater, played some games with us and also showed us the theatre, the backstage area and the changing rooms.

Later we went to the Alte Oper and watched people to see what they do and how they move. Our task was to make up names for them, think about how old they are and why they are there.

2013 ETW 2On Friday we played some games, acted on stage and later visited the fundus, where all the props and costumes are. Some of the props were a little bit scary. We were also allowed to watch a rehearsal of the show “Saturday Night Fever”. This was very interesting because the actors danced on stage in their costumes and there were musicians, technicians and directors. It was a very special experience.

Alicia (5e), Lily (5f), Victoria (5d)